Monday, October 10, 2011

Strange Happenings

These are my curls!  It's day 3 of the curlformer set and I spent the day in drizzle.  I think it held up pretty well.  Of course my standards of cute may be changing because I've been so whack for so long.


1.  I found out that my Vitamin Shop carries Aubrey Organics facial cleansers, but it doesn't carry anything for hair.  Workers can order it for you, but they do not have it in stock.  I thought it was cool that they were willing to order it.  I didn't need any. I am on hiatus from purchasing products because things seem to be working okay at the moment.  I need to dedicate those funds to accessories:-)

2.  I went to Victoria's Secret to pick up some undergarments and discovered a little secret.  Chocolate brown bras are seasonal.  I consider the color my nude because I'm chocolate, but when I asked the lady about it, she told me this should be the season for it, but they don't have them in stock.  I gently placed my bag filled with items down and left.  There's no need to purchase something from a store that considers me seasonal.  It's funny they have the nude that I consider tan in stock for all styles all of the time. There was not a single chocolate brown bra in that store.

3.  My husband made we walk away from a new bag that I didn't have cash for.  I tell you I was ready to whip out the plastic, but he reminded me that the credit card was not a responsible option.  I'm still a bit mad at him, but I'm happy that he loved me enough to say it:-)

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