Saturday, October 8, 2011

Birthday Hair!

I stayed up all night Friday to do my hair.  I knew there was no way I could do it this weekend because my birthday is Sunday.  While I am so happy to celebrate another year of life, I was most happy about spending an entire weekend with my hubby.  I wasn't going to let my hair stand in the way of that.

When I got home from work Friday night, I walked the dogs and quickly got down to business.  Once again I sectioned my hair into six sections.  I did the first shampoo outside the shower.  I sprayed each section with water and lathered up with Giovanni Tea Tree shampoo.

Next I hopped in the shower. I rinsed out the Gionvanni and did a second wash with the Shea Moisture raw shea restorative shampoo.  Next I piled on lots of the Suave professionals Almond and Shea butter conditioner.  I wasn't expecting much from it because I'd read some 'ifey' reviews, but it was alright on the first try.  I piled it on each section, pinned them up and finished up.

So I did the usual deep conditioned and yes, I pulled the curlformers back out. I was up until five am putting those bastards in.  This time I used ORS twist and lock gel for hold (I don't think I used enough, so I won't comment on the results).  When I woke up, I sat under the dryer for an additional 90 minutes hoping my hair would be dry.

Duh da Duh, it wasn't.  Once I took those darn curlformers out, I had to sit under the dryer for another hour.  So my curls won't last as long, but whateves.  Here's a look at it before I left the house.

After hours in windy San Francisco, this is how it looked afterwards.

Excuse the harsh lighting.  The curls are already falling and I can't wait to see the hair disaster that awaits on my actual birthday (I do not sleep lightly).  BUT I am so proud of the little progress I've made. Plus, I'm treating myself to a visit to a new hairdresser next weekend.  My ends are in desperate need of a trim:-)

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