Thursday, October 13, 2011


My hair is in limbo at the moment.  Wash day is Saturday.  I THOUGHT I was going to a shop to get it straightened and trimmed, but they sent me a rather impersonal email cancelling the appointment. Ugh! I am so annoyed.  So, I have another date with the curlformers and jacked up ends.  I may have to figure out how to trim it myself.

Here's something random:

A woman at my job told me she tried to twist her hair back like mine (not pictured above), but it didn't work because her Asian hair is too thin.  I was stunned.  She thinks my hair looks good like that.  Here I was lusting after her jet black, stick straight hair.  Interesting.

Oh and update: I just called the salon.  It turns out they had a software malfunction that sent out cancellation emails.  Hooray, my appointment is still on!  I'm getting my trim:-)

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