Friday, April 6, 2012

It Was Ok: Curlformers Day 2-5

So here's a look at how my hair held up.  I DID NOT exercise at all this week.  Luckily the hubby was feeling drained.  You KNOW I wasn't going to talk him out of this short break.  I'll be washing and setting again on Saturday (at least I hope to).  So next week I'll get a real idea of if I can make things last through an intense work out.  Although I would like to put my hair first, I'm too old not to focus on body maintenance.  No matter what I do, I'll probably lose my hair long before I no longer need my limbs (that's if I'm lucky).

Day 2: side pinned back

                                                          Day 3: ponytail with strange bangs

                                                 Day 4: front rolled back, the rest I left down.

                                             Day 5: I changed the part, but still rolled back the front
                                             and left the back down.

I preserved the curls as best I could with the pineapple method that I learned from EbonyCPrincess.  I pulled my hair to the top of my head with a stretchy headband, used a hair net around the curls and then wrapped my scarf around my head. I was not cute, but sweet hubby pretended I was. I secretly think he didn't work out this week because he wanted me to have pretty hair for a week.

I should add that I read about a lot of other ladies pineappling and just sleeping on a pillow. I'm afraid to do that.  My hair has never done well without being held together while I'm sleep. I sweat in my head and I fear leaving it loose would cause me to wake up with hair pasted to my face and who knows where else.

All in all, this was just ok. I wanted five days of day one.  I am still pretty happy with the results.   I've learned not to comment on products until I've used them for at least three months.  With that said, I'll try to follow the same routine a few more times to see if it really works.


  1. I think they held up beautifully!!! And I don't fool with sleeping on the pillow directly either. I'm so happy you were finally able to get more than 1-2 days of wear out of this. Girl, your hubby sounds like a gem (does he have any brothers? cousins? nephews? friends? co-workers????!!!) lmbo!

    1. Thanks, Ebony. I wish my hubby had a brother, I would send him your way. LOL at the "coworkers."