Friday, May 18, 2012

Perfecting The Set?

If you've seen one of my curlformer sets, you've seen them all.  Case in point, my last wash day (May 13):

The frizz in the top is from the hair I ripped out in the early days of my journey.

However, I think I may have found the secret to a "good" set. For me, that means a set that will give me curls for at least three days, despite my exercise regimen.  When I say "curls", I don't mean I can wear my hair down.  I can never wear my hair down past day one. The front never holds up as well.  I can get a good roll and tuck with the back down or a good banana clip ponytail out of the set.

So without further ado, the secret is:


Something about it doesn't allow the curls to really set. It does not matter how long you let them dry.
Koos of Feisty House said this in one of her posts, but I didn't believe her. I thought that she, like me, was a bit heavy handed. It's not true. I've done three sets without and a leave-in and two with a leave-in.  The latter had bad results.

Happy "curlformering!"


  1. OMG I'm gonna try that! What products do you use?

    1. I've been skipping the leavein conditioner. I use Argan oil & Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum.

  2. I agree. Using a spray leave in works much better for sets.

  3. Well, I'll try it, anything to improve my sets. Your sets always look amazing to me. I don't even look for my curls to last perfectly after the first day. I look forward to them dropping so I can pull out my "hair candy". I prefer to play with my curls than wear them down.

    1. Thanks! I hope it works for you. The curls are definitely more fun as they fall. I was just thinking that this Sunday.

  4. DEFINITELY agree that a spray is 100% better than a cream leave-in. Your curls are so cute here!!!!

    Krystal K.
    The Feisty House