Sunday, November 13, 2011

27 Weeks Post Relaxer

I'm trucking along, folks.  It's been 27 weeks since my last relaxer.  My wash day was pretty uneventful, aside from the fact that my arms were freaking sore from putting in the curlformers.

 However, I tweaked a few things.

1.  I rinsed my hair in braids in every step.  I think that helped to cut down on tangling and my general insanity.

2.  I only used Knot Today and *hangs head in shame* African Pride Hair oil as my leave-ins.  (when it came time to set the curlformers, I used the generic Chi Serum and the ORS twist and loc gel.

3. Oops! I accidentally forgot to use the Generic Chi Serum on the back of my hair as I was setting. I don't think it caused much damage.

Here are my results:

 I must say, I really felt good today. I felt like my hair liked me and the curls were awesome.  There wasn't much drama, but I'm not really sure I'll get much out of this set for the rest of the week.  The curls kind of fell throughout the day, but I will remain positive.  I hope I at least get day 2 out of these things. 


  1. I was thinking about purchasing that dryer. How do u like it? What are the cons?

  2. Hey Blutiful Blaq, I really only have one con about the dryer. I wish that the hood was a little longer/deeper. I feel like if I used rollers outside of curlformers, they wouldn't quite fit under the dryer. This really isn't a con for me, but if I had to constantly store it, there would be a problem. It doesn't feel as sturdy as I expected it to feel. I would be afraid if I had to roll it around a lot.