Sunday, April 15, 2012

Curlformers Bust

I love curlformers, but I was getting tired of the fat, juicy curls from the wide and long ones, also known as pink and orange. I lost my dang-on mind and bought the long and narrow (blue/green) ones.

I had to use 79... yes 79 of these things on my entire head.  The long and narrow curlformers are less forgiving than the pink/orange ones. You CANNOT stuff too much hair in them. I felt like I got them too close to my scalp so they pulled.  They were even more difficult to sleep in than the pink/orange ones and because I needed so many, they took forever to install.

When I took them out, I had elongated curls, which is a different look than the pink/orange. However, take a close look at my ends. 

They just didn't curl right or something.  Oh...and yes that is a Santa shirt.  Don't judge me:-)  

Now, this problem with the ends could be my fault. I thought the set was dry, but it may not have been. I spent the day in an overcast, windy San Francisco park.  I had a great time, but the curls were worse for the wear at the end of the day.  

I'm going to attempt second day hair, but I don't think it's going to work out.  Because I have so little faith in second day hair, I'm going to try a different way of sleeping to preserve them.  I'll let you know how it works.  Anyway...the hair is well stretched, so I'll be able to work something out. LOL!

Because installing these suckers took so long,  I will only plan to do the full 79 blue/green curlformer set for special occasions.  For my next set I plan to put the back in pink/orange and the front in blue/green.


  1. Whoa, 79? I still want to try these, but 79? Idk... They still came out cute. I thought that the final result would be similar to a straw set, it's not though. Was there any difference besides the elongated curls?

  2. Hey LaQT!
    Yes, I used 79. I use 56 on a good pink/orange set. I also wanted the straw set look out of these green/blue, but I had places to go and didn't have time to seperate. Next time I put these in, I will make sure I sit under the dryer for at least 90 minutes straight. I didn't do that this time and I think that kept them from lasting. The only major difference between pink/orange and blue/green is I felt you had to be more careful about how much hair you put in the blue/green. As an experienced (lol!) curlformer users, I was stunned that my hair was getting stuck. I had to use really small pieces. Even though I don't think this set dried all the way, I still had smooth hair (as smooth as you get at 11-months post relaxer). Probably as I use them more, I won't need as many rollers because I'll have a better feeling for the exact amount of hair to use. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. I think it came our nice despite the ends.