Sunday, June 1, 2014

Back Under The Dryers

Soooo after more than a year of getting my natural hair straightened every three weeks, I got a wild hair up my ass, and decided to do it myself.

I went to Target and picked up some Carol's Daughter's Black Vanilla shampoo and Black Vanilla Smoothie, and Sacred Tiare conditioner.  Unfortunately, I did not read the labels.  I assumed the smoothie was a leave-in conditioner.  Oops.  I added water to that sucker and made it do what it do...hopefully.

I washed my hair in the shower, let the conditioner set while I washed my body and got down to detangling.  I sprayed a little of my "leave-in" and combed.  It was all a damn breeze, which makes me think I did something totally wrong.  (by the way, I am typing this as I sit under the dryer, praying my hair turns out well.)

I ran into another snafu.  My hair is a tad bit too long for my existing curlformers.  So, I braided the roots in hopes of keeping them from doing their puffy thing.  My hair isn't exactly kinking up the way it should because quite frankly, it is heat damaged from all of the pressing.  Bummer.

I left my hair naked for the curlformers.  I didn't add gel, oil, styler...nothing.  Lord, did I take a risk here.

Oh wells, I'm hoping my hair turns out great.  This was  a much easier wash session than my transitioning days.  Plus, I think all of the pressing is eating up my already damaged ends.  I need those suckers to survive.  They were trying to thrive when I laid off the heat during my transition from relaxed to chemical free.  Here's to a comeback.