Monday, April 2, 2012

Who's Happy? ME!!


I don't even know how this happened, but I won't go too crazy with excitement because every time I have a good week, a really bad one follows.  I decided to do this set after seeing a fabulous flexi-rod set on the head of the awesome EbonyCPrincess.   I should add my efforts with the flex-rods didn't work out, which is why I pulled out my trusty curlformers.

Before this set, I was coming out of a Press-n-curl gone wrong.  It went wrong after a sweaty session of P90x.  I didn't care. I hung on to it a week longer than I should have. I hope this curlformer set lasts. I'm too happy.

Here's the rundown

Wash: 2 rounds Quantum shampoo, 1 round Creme of Nature conditioning shampoo
Instant condition: Paul Mitchell the Detangler
Deep Condition: Jessecurl Deep Treatment (I need to use this up)
Curlformer set: One-n-Only Argan Oil, ORS Loc and Twist Gel & Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum

I should add that I sat under the dryer about 15/20 minutes before installing the curlformers

Even if this style stays strong all day long, tomorrow I have to return to P90x. I don't know what/how... I don't know how I will attempt to preserve it.  I sweat in my hair more than anything else, so I expect some ridiculously puffy roots really soon.


  1. Wow. This set is gorgeous. I just officially gave up on flexi rod sets. I had tried again because of ECP gorgeous 7 day set (I failed). I never go wrong with cfs. To me flexi rods/curlformers are like knitting/crocheting or Pepsi/Coke those who are good at one are usually bad at athe other or those who love Pepsi hate Coke.

    1. Thank You! I think you're totally right about the flexis/curlformers. I am terrible at flexis.

  2. Very pretty!!! I hope u find a way to preserve your style! Let us know how that goes.

    1. I'm already nervous about the preservation. *sigh* We shall see...