Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Detangling and De-fattening

Things got a bit overwhelming for me and I had to take a break.  My hair has reached the transitioning mark of ten months.  Things just weren't working out!  My hot water wasn't lasting long enough to wash my hair in six sections.  The sink proved to be uncomfortable and ineffective. I couldn't rinse my hair well.  Pre-pooing, washing, detangling, deep conditioning and hoping for miracles was taking up too much of my dang on time. 

I didn't wear my hair out like this because the back wasn't defined.

Next thing you know, my husband dropped 20 pounds doing P90X.  I couldn't have him looking sexier than me. No, SirREE!  So I had to jump on the bandwagon.  I've been doing a modified version of P90X with my boo for about two months.  Working out an hour, five days a week and complaining about my soreness, took up my blogging time.

I used my time off to try to work out a hair routine that would take up less time and be more effective for me. I decided to wash my hair in two sections, half on top and half on the bottom.  That worked out well for the bottom part, but I made the top half all tangled up and difficult. That mis-step led to a four hour detangling session. Ugh!

The next time around I decided to wash in three sections. I once again divided my hair in half with a portion on top and another on the bottom, then I split the top portion in half.  This seemed to work out well for me. I also instant conditioned in the shower, then detangled with my deep conditioner. Detangling was only two hours. I am not one of the lucky girls who can grab a big section and rake the comb through. I have to take small sections because the back of my hair dreads.  Since I don't have the luxury of a shampoo bowl and an extra set of hands, I can't work out most of the knots at the bowl, like a stylist would.

So! Since it takes forever and a day just to wash and detangle my hair, I had to drop plans for uniform styles... that includes roller sets.  I couldn't spend all day on that style, only to pop in the p90x tapes and sweat like a demon.  Puffed out natural hair on top and shiny relaxed spirals on the bottom.. is not a good look. Not to mention it caused lots of tangles. OMG!

I've been a bunning queen. Here's a look at some of my styles... or lack thereof. 

The flat twist in the front is my crutch and will remain that way for a while.    I plan to cut like three inches of my hair this month.  That should help with the knots that I encounter during detangling (I fear it will cause issues with the bunning).  I'm still following all of the ladies in the roller setting challenge and drooling with a just a tiny bit of jealousy.

I should add that I haven't lost a single pound doing P90x, but my stomach is flatter and I am so close to having "Angela-Basset-What's Love Got to Do With It" arms that I can taste it.  Well.. my stomach was flatter until I fell off the wagon when I realized I hadn't lost a pound.  I was still exercising, but I was over-indulging. Oh wells.. I'm back on the wagon now.

My dog cracks me up. I just figured I'd share this.


  1. Glad you listened to your hair and didn't just stay in the RS challenge for the sake of doing it even though it really wasn't beneficial to you! Good luck on the rest of p90x, I fell off for the past week of my program (supreme 90 day) but am super back on it now!

    1. Thanks, Ebony! I just looked at your last post. That set came out so nicely. Ah... one day I'll get there:-)