Friday, November 18, 2011

When Things Work, Stop Trying To Fix Them

I keep running into the same problem when it comes to my hair.  I always want to try something new when there's nothing wrong with what I'm doing at the moment.  Case in point-- my latest curlformer set.

There is only one way to get three to four days out of those curls. I have to use a goodie ouchless headband to pull the curls back, then flip my hair up and tie on a scarf to sleep at night.  This is known as the pineapple.

 Everytime I don't do it, disaster strikes.  And there was definitely a disaster on my head this morning because I did not follow the proper procedure.  I didn't have time to snap a picture because I was running late, but I was able to salvage my hair with an up 'do.  Here's a bad look at it.

I wore this "Little House on The Prairie" hairdo for four days.  It's definitely time for something new:-)

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