Saturday, December 3, 2011

I'm About Ready To Give Up

I am freaking tired of these all day wash sessions. Is there an easy way around this?  Why yes there is.  Returning to the beauty shop!

Anyways, here's the rundown of my latest wash day.  Forget the saying "read 'em and weep."  Look at my pictures and weep. Yikes!

I decided to give my design express moisture conditioner a shot.  After washing with the anti-itch and the moisturizing shampoos, I piled on that conditioner.  My hair felt good.  For just a quick second I thought, "this is going to be awesome."  Well, I was dead wrong.  When I rinsed out that stuff, my hair was hard with no slip, which means my hair was NOT in the mood to be combed out. OMG!  Luckily, I had my suave close by.  I had to saturate my hair with that stuff and comb my hair out under a stream of water.  Things hadn't been that bad in a while.

As you could imagine I was dead tired when my hair was ready for styling.  Thank goodness my hubby turned it into a party and played some awesome songs, while I did my hair.  I used my Knot Today leave-in, coconut oil and sheamoisture smoothie to moisturize and seal my tresses.  Then I used Bee Mine curly butter to set my curlformers.

I must take this moment to say the curly butter sets and holds the curls far better than the ORS loc and twist gel. So... the gel will be resting in the back of my cabinet for a while.  Thank goodness it wasn't super expensive.

The curls came out great, but I AM. OVER. the spiral thing. I have to find some other way to stretch out my new growth. I mean that's why I love the curlformers so much, they stretch out those roots (As much as kinks can be stretched. LOL!)

So the next day, I brushed the curls into a side ponytail and left a bit out for some bangs.  Yes, I am 30+ rocking a toddler hair do.  Don't judge me.

I should add that my past impatience has cost my hair dearly as I have ripped out some hair in the crown of my head. It's looking like a bird's nest in the middle of my head. Oh well, you live, you learn and recover.

I am surfing YouTube looking for a new "french twist-roll-thing" to put my hair in for the rest of the week.

Now it's time to make a bit of a confession.  I ordered new leave-in and deep conditioners. I'm an idiot and this god awful do-it-yourself-hair has become my new obsession, hobby and burden.

So... next week I will NOT be using the design conditioner. Maybe, I'll just put my hair in medium sized braids and let it air dry, then put it in a bun or something.  We'll see. But something has got to give!!!

Oh... and no more purchases for at least three months!  Somehow, I will stick to this:-)

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