Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm Straight Again

I made good on my pledge to get my hair pressed and trimmed every two months, but I didn't get as much cut as I was supposed to.  I only trimmed an inch.  For the first time in my life, I had scissor fright.  Ugh!  I was a bit disappointed in myself.

I won't be going back to this particular shop because they boosted their prices significantly.  So.. I have two months to find a new stylist to help me out.

Sooo my hubby has fallen in love with my Suave Naturals conditioner, so I think I will have to get myself more new cheapy conditioner.  I think I'm going to try the Herbal Essence Hello Hydration.  Everyone keeps saying it has great slip and I am having a hard time adequately detangling my new growth.  My hair is shoulder length and I have about three inches of new growth now.  The ends will be detangled, but not the new growth.  I don't think that's good for the hair or my scalp.

I'm hoping this press lasts at least two weeks.  By that time, I should be ready to return to the curlformers. I have a new technique that will hopefully help me out a little bit.

Ok.. so back to the cheapy conditioner. I know I said I wouldn't buy anything else for three months, but this purchase won't be more than five dollars.  Plus, I'm really doing this so my hubby can have the Suave Naturals... yeah.. I'm sticking to that.

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