Monday, December 12, 2011

Wash Day

Wash day was interesting.  I didn't feel like using the curlformers and decided that once my hair was dry, I'd quickly put it in an up do. I tried three different ones and didn't like any.  I finally had to give up so I could go to bed.  Here's the boring look.

Here's the rundown.

1. I washed with Design anti-dandruff shampoo and the moisture retention shampoo.  My scalp was so dirty and I was glad these two products performed well for me.

2.  I used Jessecurl deep conditioner.  I tried to detangle as I put it on, but the comb was not going through.  So I smooshed it on each section (I had six braids), put on a plastic cap and sat under the dryer for 30 minutes.

3.  I tried part of Shelli from Hairscapades method and put some Suave conditioner on top of it once I was out of the dryer.

4. I hopped in the shower rinsed it all out and detangled.  The detangling process wasn't bad at all.

5.  I used my new leave-in by Original Moxie. I know this is just the first use, but I'm tossing Knot Today to the side.  The Original Moxie feels more like a lotion.  I immediately saw and felt its effects as soon as I put it on my hair.  It left my hair shiny and I didn't have to put a bunch of other crap in there.  With the Knot Today, I never knew when it was working and thought maybe I wasn't letting the hair dry enough before I put in on.

6.  I should have just dried my hair in the braids, but I tried to wrap the sections on Flexis.  That was stupid, that just prolonged the drying process.

7.  Once dry, I smoothed with my new paddle brush.  I'm not sure I should have used it.  I think I may have ripped some thangs.

8. I embarked on my attempt to style my hair.  My magic was not working, but I finally got it done.

***I didn't use any oils to seal. I decided to just put some Dax grease on it.  My hair feels incredibly soft and it's kind of shiny. I just hate I couldn't execute the style I envisioned.

I'm hoping this boring style lasts two days, then I'll moisturize and re-style.  I get my hair done at the shop this Saturday.  I hope I get a different wash boy.  I don't want to have to get ugly in there.

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