Sunday, December 18, 2011


I just signed up for a six month roller setting challenge, thanks to Ebonyprincess.  It seems simple enough for me, but of course I got too excited.  I hopped on Sally's website and ordered some Creme of Nature products.

((Yes, my editor is a dog.  She sits over my shoulder.  Unfortunately, she's not a good editor. LOL!))

I've been reading everywhere that the company has changed the formula, but I feel like I need to give an old and trusted name a try.  My hair isn't totally in love with any of the shampoos and conditioners I've been using.  Of course, I really haven't given any of them a real chance because I am a product junky.  I mean I seriously have a real problem.  Plus, after my last trip to the salon, I know I have to find something that really works because that place charges an arm and a leg.

There used to be a time when I said I would always set aside money for my hair because it is part of hygiene, but I won't allow stylists to take advantage of me.  The last over priced place I visited, had three separate people working on my hair.  How does anyone develop a personal relationship with your hair to help you keep it healthy?  They say it's in an effort to put an end to eight hour days in the salon. Whatever!  Until I can find a good stylist who is not trying to rob me, I'll just keep ripping out hair.

Now, I should add that at this point, I've ripped out so much that I don't have much to spare.  But I am looking at this as a learning period.  As I've mentioned before, this is the first time that I've really tried to care for my own hair.  I've only been doing this five months.  It can only go up from here... I hope.

Anyway... I've totally digressed from the point of this post.  The other day I was looking through old pictures when I was younger, slimmer and had longer, healthier hair.  I looked a lot better when I was lighter.  I stood on the scale today and  let's just say I have surpassed the safe zone.

I am going to drink and eat all that I can because in 2012, I'm bringing the slim sexy back.  OMG!  Just five years ago, it was so easy to stay slim.  It looks like the 30s are going to kick my tail.

I should add that the dog/editor pictured above isn't helping me stay fit.  She hates walking and she's friggin' lazy.  WTF?!

Ok... back to my point:  Aside from sticking to roller setting my hair for six months, I will also get a better handle on my diet.  It appears that junk food and Starbucks lead to weight gain.  Why didn't anyone tell me?  LOL!


  1. Oooh too regarding the weight thing. I've gotten started (for real this time) and lost 12 so far. I probably will announce it on my blog when I get halfway to my goal.

    As for the stylist - I have the same problem as you to find one I trust to relax my hair.

  2. EbonyCPrincess, 12 pounds?! That's awesome!!! I can't wait to hear what you've been doing. Congrats on your progress!!