Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Curlformers Day 2 & 3

I pineappled (meaning I piled all the curls on top of my hair) my hair at night and took those curls down in the morning.  The curls held perfectly in the back, but my front needed some work.  It wasn't as smooth and shiny.  I wasn't terribly disappointed, as this is a work in progress.

But here is what it looked like on Day 2:

So... I look a bit busted in the face here.  Concentrate on the hair!

You can really see where my new growth ends and the relaxed ends begin. Kind of cool.

I wore it out to lunch with my hubby because I felt it was fun, but I pulled it back for work.  Big hair means lots of attention and I've never been one that liked to stand out for anything other than the quality of my work, while on the job.

Oh and here's day three:

The curls look great in the back.

Yikes!  That shot is great for the curls, but makes my back look strange.
It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so I think everything will be pulled back for day four.  I'll have to wait and see:-)

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