Thursday, October 20, 2011


I took this picture at night and the cam could only focus on my bright shirt!

What an AMAZING day!  I experienced my first and second earthquakes today.  The first was a 3.9 and the second was a 3.8.

I am a Midwestern girl, so this is so wild to me.  I can honestly say, it's just like the movies.  You feel this sudden movement and it takes your mind a second to register that THIS IS AN EARTHQUAKE.  

I was sitting at my desk when the first one hit and I immediately called my husband and my momma.  When I couldn't get my mother on the line, I texted her and my father.  I was waaaay too excited.  In fact, my boss was slightly disturbed by how UNdistrubed and excited I was.

Everyone says I should have been preparing to get under a desk, instead of basking in the power of mother nature.  And you know what? They are right.  If one of those quakes had been the BIG one, I would have wasted critical moments.  I would have been too busy trying to absorb it all and determine if it was anything like I imagined it would be when I read accounts of earthquakes as a student.

Anyways... I am thanking God for showing the beauty of his power and his mercy.  This was indeed a great and amazing day to me.

Side note:  My hair is still straight.  I used a goodie ouchless barrette to pull half of it up and I bobbie pinned my bangs behind my ears.  It's boring, but a bit of a change up from the sleek straight look.

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