Sunday, October 16, 2011

Houston, We Have A Problem!

It has only been four short months since I took over my haircare... and look at this!

Look at the amount of products under my sink.  I'll break it down for you:

4 different shampoos
12 different types of conditioners
2 bottles of hairspray (I'm trying to get a light hold, without the sting of heavy alcohol)
7 miscellaneous products including coconut oil, gels, smoothies, milk....

So I am going to take a firm stand right now with myself...ABSOLUTELY NO MORE PRODUCTS. NO MORE!

However, I am in need of more styling tools and accessories:-)  I need a brush of the Denman persuasion and just more headbands, clips and such.  I've never really collected hair accessories except for ponytail holders.  My mother was pretty strict when I was young. I was to return home with my hair in the same state it was in when I left the house.  Therefore, I did not play in my hair and my styles consisted of either wearing my hair down or in a ponytail.  I didn't put much imagination into it. I went to the shop to get it done and NEVER put additional heat on it.

I'm not hating on my Mom.  My hair was always nice and I always had a decent length because I kept fever fingers (yes, that's how my mother described hair-touchers) out of my head.

Of course, I'm two decades behind in do-it-yourself haircare because I just never had to do it before.  I've ripped out lots of hair and it's definitely been rough, but I'm proud of myself.  I'll get it together soon enough... and hopefully use all these dang products on which I spent my hard earned money.

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