Saturday, October 15, 2011

I've Been A BAD Girl

I got my hair straightened today and I love it!!!  The stylist trimmed off two inches and gave me a press.  My scalp felt the heat of that comb a bit more than I'd like, so I'm glad that I won't need another trim for two months.

My trip to the shop was bad and good.  As I told my mother, the shampoo boy gets a thumbs DOWN.  I was so excited to see a man would be washing my hair because big hands mean a great scrubbing.  But he was so timid. I was definitely underwhelmed.  I like a little aggression in the scalp---  makes it feel good.

Anyways, after he shampooed, he attempted to untangle at the sink and I was about ready to sit up, when he finally gave up (let's just say it wasn't going so well).  I was moved to the blow dry girl, who quickly detangled, blow dried and moved me on to the stylist.

I loved the stylist.  I mean.. she's not better than my two favorite of all time (Dorothy and Frenchie), but she was better than the last chick I had.  We talked about the products I use, how I use them and how I style my hair.  It was a very interesting conversation.

And that's when I was bad and purchased MORE shampoo and conditioner.  I just couldn't help it. I haven't found my staples yet.  But I got some Design products and I am really hopeful that these will do the trick. I want to have two sets of good products so I can trade them out each week.  I also picked up a pack of larger curflormers and a new clip.  Yikes!  I'm putting myself on punishment.

I'm hoping to keep this straight look going for two weeks.  After that, my goal is to get more out of my curlformer sets.  When the curls start to fall, I want to do more than pull it back in a severe bun.  So I've been looking at some YouTube videos in hopes of finding a style that I can fashion my hair into, after the thrill is gone from the curls.

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