Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bun It Is

So... after looking at yesterday's pictures, I plopped a headband on the front to try to salvage that mess.  I didn't take a picture because...well... it was hard to look in the mirror or at a camera lens.

Today, I decided to bun my hair and use two goodie ouchless headbands to try to smooth out the front.  My front is a bit choppy because it is trying to recover from that bad perm.

Here's a look:

I at least don't feel shame today. Hopefully the front doesn't frizz up mid day. BUT as it stands, I feel pretty good.

Shout out to Fred Shuttlesworth for fighting for my equality and Steve Jobs for changing my life so much that I now blog.  Wow!  Steve is getting all of the attention, but Fred without you, I probably wouldn't have had access to Steve's inventions. Thanks, Dudes:-)

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