Monday, September 26, 2011

20 Weeks Post Relaxer

Soooo... Things went pretty well this time.

Yeah, I know my part is crooked:-)

I decided to do my first shampoo OUTSIDE the shower. I separated my hair into about eight sections, sprayed it down, applied shampoo and scrubbed like mad.  I pinned each section up, until I could hop in the shower.

Once in the shower, I rinsed each section out and applied a second round of shampoo.  My hair felt squeaky clean.  I know most naturals and transitioners are not fans of this feeling, but I like it. I want to know that my hair is clean.

So next I used A LOT of VO5 creamy conditioner to put some moisture back in there.  I finger detangled, rinsed out the VO5 and deep conditioned with Neutrogena Triple Moisture mask.

From there, I sat under the dryer for 15 minutes, rinsed out the conditioner, dried it with a t-shirt, applied Knot Today Leave-in and braided it up.  I later applied a little Shea Moisture Curling Enhancing Smoothie and coconut oil.
I didn't really style. I was lazy, I pulled it into my normal 'Black Mormon 'do.'

To summarize: It took two hours to wash and detangle my hair because of all the sectioning, BUT... and it's a big BUT... my hair did not violently curse me out.  It was darn near nice to me. I still felt like I lost more hair than most, but I did not have a three hour detangling session and that alone is a blessing.

I think I'll try this same process next week and see how things go.  If I like it, I may try to toss in some curlformers to switch up this incredibly boring look.

Side note: my scalp is still itchy. I think the change in seasons is getting to it. I need to find a good moisturizer for it.

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