Monday, September 12, 2011

My Curlformer Story Ain't No Fairytale

Ok.. since my last writing, I tried my beloved curlformers and lets just say they worked and didn't work.  I ripped out two big chunks of hair and I put waaay too much product in them, which meant my hair was nasty.  Since, I paid so much money for them, I figured I better do some more research on them to make them work.

Here's a list of what went wrong with the first session.

1.  I styled my hair the night before an early morning flight to Vegas.

2. My hair takes forever to air dry.  so I decided to blow dry the hair, before placing it in the curlformers. 

3.  Due to impatience, I slapped a lot of coconut oil on my hair with the hope that it would provide the necessary slip to get my hair through the contraptions.  BIG MF PROBLEM!!!  That's how I ripped out  two big chunks of hair.

4. I ran out of curlformers for the front part of my hair.

Sooo with all of that drama layed out for you, here's my plan to recover.

1.  I will get a hooded dryer.

2.  Style my hair when I am not tight for time and I have some patience.

3.  I will re-watch Naptural85's tutorial multiple times before I style.  I think she's on to something and I think it will help me prevent breakage and make the curlformers that I have cover my entire head.

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