Monday, September 12, 2011

Hairy Assessment

I tried to assess some things after that god awful session.

The first week I did my hair, I thought I made a mistake by doing a braid out on dry hair. 

Now I know that wasn't the case.  I did the right thing.  My hair takes entirely too long to dry and using that curling butter on damp hair is just plain drama.

So what I plan to do is follow some of the same things I did this week.  That includes a thorough washing with lots of lather, deep conditioning immediately after, detangling after the deep conditioner and letting the hair air dry.  I will then put it into a bun, until I do everything I need to do for the day, then I will set the braid out:-)

At this point, it takes me a day-and-a-half to do my hair because it takes so long to dry.  That takes  away time with my husband and makes me uncomfortable in my own appearance.  So I think with this minor tweaking, I should be able to work things out:-)

Also, I think I want to try twisting.  The braid out is kicking my tail---BIG TIME.  Plus, I think it forces me to manipulate the hair more than I think I should be.  I mean REALLY?! After a great detangling session, I basically ripped my hair out trying to do those stupid french braids.  ugh!

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