Monday, September 12, 2011

16 & 17 weeks post relaxer

So, after the curlformers fiasco, I had to style my hair for my Aunt's wedding in Chicago.  I couldn't get anyone to do it.  So, I washed and braided it the night before my flight.  Once again, I left some soldiers on the floor while braiding. I left the braids in for the flight.  Heck, they were in for nearly 9 hours and my hair still wasn't dry.  Luckily, I had an old hooded dryer from when I tried doing my own hair in my college days (BTW, I only used it once. Whomp!).  I sat under that sucker for about 30 minutes.  It dried the front really well, but the back was still damp.  However, my hair was beyond presentable for the wedding.  I even got compliments on it.

The very next week, my friends were flying in from Florida.  I had no time to style, I washed and let it air dry about 40%.  That was enough to flatten the front, then I bunned.  Because the front of my hair is so jacked up, I section the hair in three parts.  Two parts in the front and the main part in the back.  I place the back in a ponytail holder and make two twist.  I wrap those around for a bun.  Then, I two-strand twist the front two pieces back towards the bun and pin them underneath.  I kind of look like a church girl, but I owned the look and I'm making it last a week.  I think I'll keep bunning until I buy my hooded dryer.

On a side note: I just got my order of Shea Moisture products from Walgreen's.  I'm really hoping they will work.  I'll let you know how the washing and detangling goes from there.
I think I have some breakage in the crown area. I don't know if it was there already and I just started noticing it or I ripped it out.  I'm leaning towards the latter.  I think I need a new detangling comb.  My current one misses some things and causes frustration.  That's when I get to pulling and breaking.
I really need a hooded dryer. I want to buy this Babyliss one, but with shipping, it costs $103.  I guess I need to stop being cheap. Then again, maybe they should be cheaper.

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