Friday, September 23, 2011

Week 19

So after last week's disaster of a detangling session, I decided to wash my hair in six braids.  That means I detangled with water, coconut oil and my fingers before I hopped in the shower. Next, I took down each braid, washed and rinsed and braided again.

This method kept my hair from getting tangled. I added my deep conditioner and sat under the dryer for 15 minutes, rinsed it out and rocked on to a braidout.  Oh, I should add that I decided to use my sheaMoisture conditioner as a leave in, instead of knot today (I'm not sure I'll do that again). I thought I was in heaven.  There was absolutely no drama, until my hair dried.

My hair felt dry and strange. After some research, I determined that I didn't clarify my hair very well with this method.  As you may have figured out from this blog, I'm not the brightest crayon in the box, so I had to do lots of thinking to come up with a solution to this problem.

I have decided that I will once again finger detangle my hair with oil and water, but I will have to return to washing my hair in two sections with a part down the middle.  From there, I plan to rinse and finger detangle with v05, until I have three braids on each side.  Next, I'll hop out of the shower and apply my deep conditioner and rock on from there. I sure hope this works out.

I feel like I do my best work when I plan it out ahead of time. Otherwise I get tired and panicked and grab whatever product that I see first.  So here we go.

1. wash with the remainder of my design shampoo and follow up with my gionvanni tea tree

2. condition and detangle with my vo5

3. Deep condition with my ORS replenishing conditioner

4. Use Knot Today as my leave-in

5. I'm not sure on a style. If all goes well, I'll pull out the curlformers. If there's too much drama, I'll braid it up in preparation for my boring-a**-bun.

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