Saturday, June 11, 2011

Flat & Perfect

I think I have the flattest feat on earth. When I was a child, it didn't really matter. I wore tennis shoes...gym shoes--whatever it is you call them. They had support and they were comfortable. I scoffed at my mother's attempts to make me a lady. I let her buy me dress shoes and heels, but I put them in the back of the closet and slipped on something more comfortable. 

Of course as I matured, I wanted to look pretty. That meant the gym shoes had to go. The problem was that I absolutely could not walk in heels. They would only stay on my feet if they were too little or had a strap. Grrr!

Well by 2005, there was a solution for me--Mary Janes!! They were back in style with a vengeance and the options seemed limitless. Every shoe I purchased had a strap. It got to the point where people would ask if I owned gym shoes because they never saw me in them. What a change, huh? THIS WAS FANTASTIC...until the options began to decrease and only the REALLY expensive designers produced cute Mary Janes. 

Ugh...whatever. I continued seeking them out.  Well, then I moved to a big city.  My commute to work included a decent walk and standing on the train. My feet did not like the heels for this.  It just wasn't working.  I needed an alternative and felt forced to return to gym shoes. I had to wear my Converse all the time!  I felt like I'd regressed. 

I felt like flat shoes weren't an option for me, even though they are all the rage right now.  Without an incline, my feet look like sacks of potatoes. I remember taking a walk down the beach with my husband before we were married. It was so romantic, until I looked back at our footprints in the sand. His were perfectly arched imprints. Mine were so flat that they looked like they belonged to a duck. 

Soo I didn't want to break my heart by trying out FLAT shoes because my feet are my soft/sensitive spot.  Shoe shopping is exhilarating for me because I LOVE shoes, but trying them on can be quite depressing. The shoes I love the most, never look right on me. 

Anyway, I digress. My mother finally convinced me to give flat shoes a try. Now, I definitely can't wear them with capris..but (ding ding ding) they weren't the worst things ever. I COULD WEAR THEM! I don't have to wear converse low tops all of the time. Thank the Lord. 

My first pair of flats are these cute, black Taharis. I need flats with lots of rubber that hold onto my feet and I need padding for my walks. That means cheap ones won't work on these orthopedic nightmares that I call my feet. NOW I have my eyes set on every pair of Tory Burch flats you can think of, specifically every color of the Eddie Ballet Falts. Too bad I can't get them all at the moment. 

Oh well!  Once again I learned another lesson about trying new things. Unfortunately, I'm still pretty hesitant in life. It's probably why I never got a chance to work on the Oprah show.  I digress again. LOL!   I LOVE FLAT SHOES and my DUCK FEET. These feet always present me with challenges and always remind me about the beauty of imperfections:-)

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