Thursday, April 11, 2013

Almost 2 years

In May, it will be two years since my last perm.  Holy Crap!  I am no longer caring for my hair myself and I am getting it pressed.  I just don't like the kinky look on me.  However, I have reached a point where I may have to go back to it because I am growing out of my clothes (I'm not exercising right now. It makes me sweat).

Here is a look at my hair right now. It is nearly arm pit length.  I'm suddenly obsessed with length.  Normally when I get that way, I cut it.  I was planning to get it cut into a bob, but my mother just visited and discouraged it.  My Husband, who is very supportive, even said he thinks I should wait a little longer before getting a cut.  Deep down inside he believes I'll start exercising with him again and it will be harder for me to make a ponytail with a bob.

I know you are thinking, "Why in the heck did she choose these pictures?"  They best show my hair.  I was wine tasting with my Mother and Aunt.  I, of course, was acting a fool and the only pictures that show my hair, also show me doing something silly.

I haven't been wrapping my hair at night.  I've been pin-curling and shockingly, it is far easier and far more comfortable for me.  However, I do end up with the bends you see in the pics.