Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wrapping & Reading

Since I nearly had my scalp burned off to get my hair straight, I decided to rock it for two weeks.  The back is silky straight, the front is poofy (lol) thanks to exericising (yes, I'm back on track..kind of). I create a decent style by rolling and tucking the front and leaving the back out. I'm learning to work with what I have. At night, I seal my ends with some aragon oil and wrap my hair.

That leads me to the point of this post.  Since I haven't been obsessing over my tresses, I've had time to pick up a book... or three. I got sucked into all the hype surrounding the "Fifty Shades" books.

I needed something simple just to get me back into the groove of reading. "Fifty Shades of Grey," "Fifty Shades Darker" and "Fifty Shades Freed" were just what the doctor ordered. I read all three books, in about four days. I am not a fast reader.  The books are just that simple.  They are dripping with erotica, grammar errors, typos (like my blogs) and plain old fashion  fantasy.

It's the same old story. Powerful man falls for unlikely girl, who could be pretty if someone spruced her up.  The twist is that the powerful man is a FREAK, but that's not what pulled me through the book.  It was the fantasy.  The idea that a man would pick the girl no one really sees and protect and love her.

The first book does a good job of holding fast to that fantasy.  The second and third books really reveal the authors inexperience with plot and character depth. To me it read like this, "Happy sex, punishing sex, OBSTACLE (repeat)."  I literally skipped through the steamy scenes just to see if my predictions about what would happen at the next "obstacle" were correct.  I'd say nine out of ten times, I was right.

The odd thing was that in my mind the lead male character had a British accent that I couldn't shake, even though the story is set in the U.S. Once I read about the author I understood why.  She's British. LOL!

 EL James never claimed to be Toni Morrison or Jane Austen.  These are her first books. It was her dream to be a writer and she did it!.  She self published these books, they caught fire and now she's inked a movie licensing deal worth millions.

I tell you... dreams really do come true.

So.. if you're stuck in a rut, a plane or a car,  these books will help you out.  Just don't open the book expecting Pulitzer Prize winning writing because it's not there.

The next book on my list is Toure's, "Who's Afraid of Post-Blackness?"


  1. I kept hearing about the book and was 2 seconds from putting them on my reading list. Now that I know it's full of grammatical errors I won't waste my time. That would drive me crazy!

    1. Since I was reading on an e-reader, I initially thought the errors were a result of my bad eyes. I was kind of auto correcting in my mind, but then I realized there were some real mistakes in the book (other readers agreed as well). I'm not sure if the mistakes appear in the printed copy or if they're just in the e-reader versions.

  2. The grammatical and spelling errors definitely threw me off. But the story line was addictive in "Fifty Shades of Grey". I tried to read "Fifty Shades Darker" at the end of the summer and almost finished it but it started to get a little boring and predictable. I definitely agree with you on the cycle and pattern of events. I still plan on picking it up again soon...glad to know that I'm not the only one who enjoyed Fifty Shades!

    1. Hey Elle,

      Despite my absence from blogging, I have been a reading machine. If you need some other books to keep your interest while you make your way back to the 'Fifty Series,' try "Room" or "Gone Girl."

      Neither one are love stories, but they sure did keep my interest. I'm so glad you responded and that you also enjoyed Fifty Shades.